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About Us

Legacy College Readiness & Tours, mission, is to provide comprehensive guidance through the college admissions process for both students and their families. We are dedicated to finding the “BEST FIT” college or university for each of our students, regardless of their academic profile. We will work together to strengthen all students' applications, assist with identifying personal preferences, Learning Styles, and areas of interest; through conducting formal and informal career and personality assessments, college readiness workshops, and college tours and college fairs. 

What do we do

  • Comprehensive College Consultant

  • College Readiness Assessments

  • College Readiness Worshops 

  • Host College Bound Tours

  • Plan and Execute College Fairs (For both students and Admissions Representatives )

Why Work With Us


Our key goals are to help the students choose the right career path, ensure that they meet the college academic expectations, find the best tertiary fit for them, and secure scholarships based on merit and need. To date, Legacy College Readiness and tours have secured over 10 million dollars in scholarship offers.  Scholarships were made possible by planning collegiate activities for students such as college and career fairs, college campus tours, college readiness workshops, partnerships with college readiness entities such as SAT and ACT. 


Legacy College Readiness and Tours handle everything from concept to execution to seeing the last guest is off safely, you save precious hours of your time (and undue stress) when we put on your event.

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