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Ms. Erica Morris


Legacy College Readiness & Tours

With interests running the gamut from hospitality to women’s studies, it’s no surprise that Erica Morris is a whirlwind of activity, a multi-tasker, and a successful businesswoman. 

Bubbly, bright, and bold, she’s always been passionate about advocating for and working with young adults. Admittedly, it was her own indecisiveness after high school which made her determined to help other high school seniors find their way. 

After graduating from Nassau, Bahamas’ St. Augustine’s College in 1992, Erica garnered vast and varied work experiences: Site Manager for the Greater Hollywood, Florida YMCA;  Education Manager at Miami’s Haitian Heritage Museum, 

and a coordinating partner for Miami-Dade County Schools. 

In Florida from 2006 -2009, Erica’s established the Nahbulungé project, guiding and inspiring teen girls at the Jan Mann Opportunity School to be change-makers in the world. 

Simultaneously, in The Bahamas, she gave her time and talents to The Willimae Pratt Center for Girls, a reformatory program located in Nassau. 

Adding top media host to her many accomplishments, Erica created and hosted a popular radio show focused on women’s and young girls’ empowerment, aptly dubbed “Sisters in Conversation”. 

When Motherhood called for more of her time in 2010, she quickly shifted her priorities, becoming the College Readiness & Scholarship Manager at Junior Achievement Bahamas. 

During this time, Erica also celebrated connections with noted HBCUs Morgan State University and Howard University. 

Through drive and grit, six years later, her company, Legacy College Readiness and Tours LLC, boasts of a collaboration with 39 schools, where many seniors have achieved tertiary level education. 

Her commitment to this mission has now led Erica to formalize her certified college counselor status with the UCLA Extension program. Legacy College Readiness and Tours, with Erica Morris at the helm, is committed to offering advice, guidance, and college preparedness for her clients in The Bahamas and Caribbean. 

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