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Parents Testimonials


Thank you to Legacy College Readiness for affording me the opportunity of a lifetime! Miss Erica worked diligently to get me to Middle Tennessee State University and prepare me for my future. The college choices were overwhelming for me, as a recent high school graduate but she worked closely with me to narrow down the best institution that fit all my needs, including financial aid. She acted as a liaison between MTSU and I to communicate important details and even gave me the opportunity to meet with international affairs staff from the school before attending. This made my move to The U.S more comfortable and easier, as I was already familiar with some of the individuals I would've been in close contact with while I pursued my degree. Above and beyond is an understatement, as she ensured I got the best possible offer from a school that I can be proud of today, as a graduate.

Ms. Adderley received a Bsc in Biochemistry, concentration in pre-pharmaceuticals. She graduated Cum Laude.


I’d like to extend the utmost gratitude to Ms. Morris for her dedication toward ensuring me and so many others were financially able to attend University. In 2016, I received a call a few months after our first meeting asking me to be at a J.A conference in Nassau, Bahamas. Initially, I was unsure of the reason why; I was the recipient of a $10,000/yr scholarship award to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.


Thanks to Ms. Morris behind the scenes dedication, a large portion of the financial burden was lifted for my four years in school. There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to describe how thankful I am for her persistence in helping as much as she can.

Voshawn Russell

Commercial Pilot


My name is Gaja and I’m currently studying mechanical engineering. My experience with Legacy College Readiness and Tours was great! They understood all of the aspects I wanted in a university and found the perfect one, Florida Polytechnic.


I was able to perform pass my ability because of the smaller campus and class sizes. Legacy college readiness listened to my needs as a student which improved my experience.


Thank you legacy college readiness!

I would just like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Erica Morris and the Legacy College Readiness Bahamas team for all the assistance they gave during my journey to select a college.

Within the first few minutes of my interview with Ms. Morris, she introduced me to several institutions that offered my major of Actuarial Science.

Today, I found out that I would be the recipient of a full scholarship from Morgan State University. I am very excited to be a Bear and I am thankful for Ms. Morris and her organization.

Taylor Ellis

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